Personal style is expressed through choices. The best parties have hosts who choose uniquely and well.

Whether your event is a wedding, a birthday bash, a corporate celebration or an annual arts gala, we help inspire just the right choices for you.

Color design, location, guest favors, even signature cocktails – the beauty of your event is in the details.

Are your honored business guests cigar lovers? Let us create a luxurious smoking lounge, with leather couches, humidors, engraved cigar cutters and matches. We’ll even help you select the perfect cognacs to serve.

Do you and your groom envision a classic, vintage wedding? Or a modern loft event? Are you rustic adventurers or connoisseurs?

Our expertise is getting to know you. And creating fresh ideas so you can share your celebration, your passion, your heritage, your joy, your company philosophy -in short, your personal style – with the most important people in your life. Uniquely and well.