Mood, or ambiance, is what creates that feeling you have when you enter a room and you know you should immediately:

  • salsa to the bar and order a mojito
  • think of something brilliant to say about Wagner
  • go back home and change clothes quick
  • think of something clever to say about art
  • put out your cigar and be very, very quiet
  • invite your best friend and dance till dawn


Sensing mood is instinctive to all partygoers. Creating the right mood is paramount to all partythrowers. Lighting, color, texture, flowers, location, food and drink, music — these elements and others combine to create the overall ambiance of your event.

Whether it’s an elegant business affair, a modern loft wedding or a funky fête, our design team will help you define, refine and breathe into your perfect party mood. You know, that instant reaction you want your guests to have, be it “Magnificent”, “Wow” or “Si,si,si.”

photo: Dasha Wright