The right light is the best guest favor ever.

There is no more important (yet often neglected) design element to creating mood than that of light. People hosting parties are often afraid of excessive expense or over-theatricality when it comes to hiring a professional.

That’s why we’re here. Because whether it’s a single tiki torch, a case of candles or a few thousand mega-watts of trussed up fog-thickened movie-star glamour, we have the experts and insight to help you know exactly how much (or little) you need to
create, well, magic.

If you’re currently planning a party, here’s a tip: pay an advance visit your venue at exactly the hour of your event and experience it as-is. If it’s perfect, consider yourself the smartest and luckiest party-giver on the face of the earth. If not,
at least you’ll have an idea where you might want to supplement. Need help? Be in touch.
photo: Dasha Wright