Choosing party flowers is like picking out the right wine for a good meal. Instead of focusing on intimidating varieties and complicated names, it’s always best to trust your senses and be open to the unexpected.

We choose flowers to harmonize with all elements of an event, from the architecture of a space to the guests who will attend, and of course, the occasion. Our team of design experts is made up of New York City’s most talented flower artists.

Bohemian drip. Vintage fruit and roses. Pop color. Woodsy warmth. We invent each design to suit your party’s mood, from high minimalism to classic chic.

Is yours a corporate function, or a romantic wedding feast? A museum gala or fashion press event? Whatever your business or pleasure, you’ll want what’s fresh, stunning and exactly right.

The instinct to know what sparkles, what tickles, what sings, what’s right – that’s what you hire us for.

Dasha Wright,
Eric Piasecki and Madeline Polss