wedding budget worksheet

This budget worksheet is an Excel spreadsheet organized to help you plot your expenses for each area of your wedding planning.  You’ll find a line for each area and element, where you can track your estimated costs and final costs, and I’ve included some guidelines on what percentage of your overall budget might be allotted for specific items.  Feel free to download the worksheet, save it to your computer, and personalize it to fit your needs.

To customize this budget worksheet, here are some tips:

Add in a “Payment Info” or notes column where you can keep track of payment info such as forms of payment accepted (check payable to whom, major credit cards accepted), balance due date, and any other important details.

Taxes and/or tips are added expenses you may wish to include in your budget.  Feel free to add an extra column or two for these items, and make sure to check with your vendors on which items are and are not taxable, and how gratuities are charged for each service, if applicable.

download wedding-budget-worksheet excel file

master guest list

Use this worksheet to keep track of all the people you’ll invite to your wedding, their replies, gifts and thank-yous.

Keep track of gifts received and thank you notes sent by placing a Y or N in the respective column.  This way you stay on top of your thank yous and get them out in a timely fashion.

Add the sum function after the last cell at the bottom of the # invited and the # attending columns to keep track of the invites sent and replies received.  This will allow you to maintain an accurate count as you make changes to these columns throughout the process.

Add any dietary needs such as vegetarian, allergies, etc and any other special notes such as wheelchair accessible, child, etc to the notes field to keep track of requests and special needs that come in from your guests.  You’ll be sure wow guests with your attention to detail.

Once you fill in this list with your master guest list names and info, you can copy and paste sections of it into a new document for each of your other celebrations, like your rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch.

download wedding list excel file

vendor list

A Simple Stunning way to keep track of all the folks your hire to make your special day perfect.

download vendor list