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zero vs. hero gift ideas

karen visits good morning connecticut with matt scott at wtnh

Have you ever tried to pull off a perfect Valentine’s Day for your girlfriend without hiring pros or breaking the bank? Entertaining expert Karen Bussen told ‘Good Morning Connecticut’ about ways to turn zero gifts into hero home runs.

The following was written by Karen Bussen:

ZERO: Plastic wrapped rose
HERO: Call her mom or her best friend and ask what her favorite flower and favorite color are.
Then buy that flower in that color, or at least a bunch of flowers in her favorite color. Tell her you know she likes this color/flower. She’ll be delighted you noticed and you can be sure you’ll score extra points with the friends and family for actually caring.

ZERO: Heart-shaped box of candy handed to her as you walk in the door
HERO:Two red velvet cupcakes from a local bakery, pulled from a box in your backpack as you take her to local park. Extra points for making mention of how her eyes look just like the sky or how she makes you feel like you’re on top of the world every day.

ZERO: Pre-packaged plastic-wrapped basket of spa products
HERO: Spa night at your place-pamper her with sparkling Vouvray (cheaper and more chic than Champagne). Present her with a fluffy robe as a gift, then rub her hands and feet with lavender lotion from Sabon. Extra points for mini quiches (buy them in the frozen foods section of Whole Foods-12 for $4.00-just heat ’em up and put them on a plate.

ZERO: Funny Hallmark card signed “from Max”
HERO: Handmade card from Kate’s Paperie (locations throughout the city) with a message that is at least three sentences long. Try things like, “I am so happy/lucky/blessed to have you in my life,” and/or “Happy Valentine’s Day to the most beautiful girl in the world.” Extra points for a box attached to the card that has something she’ll like in it.

ZERO: Any kind of home appliance or anything practical.
HERO:Jewelry, even if it’s not expensive. A simple chain, a heart on a ribbon, a bracelet or anklet. Just trust me on this.

ZERO: Crowded, overpriced dinner in a restaurant
HERO: One-on-one breakfast in bed at your place. Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year-get up early and surprise her with a beautiful breakfast tray set with a single flower, two chocolate croissants and hot chocolate from her favorite Bakery, or just whip up some scrambled eggs and coffee and cut a paper napkin into a heart and write, “Will you be my Valentine?” in red letters, signed with your name and the date.

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