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timesaver: gift wrap stash

A small, organized basket of gift wrap tools makes life so much easier, and more chic.


I don’t know how many times in my life I have been running out the door to join friends at a birthday bash or holiday party and I’ve been forced by an unfortunate combination of disorganization and lack of time to stop at a drugstore to purchase wrapping paper, tissue, scissors and tape.  I’ve wrapped countless presents in the back of a taxi or in my car, and spent way too much money on things I already have but can’t find at home.

If the same is true for you, there’s an easy remedy.  Just like the sewing baskets of old, you can create a basket, cubby, or shelf that is designed to make your gift-giving easier, more economical, and more personal.

I suggest buying wrapping paper, tissue, and gift bags to suit a few different sized gifts when you find them on sale, along with bows, ribbons, labels, and other fun accents.  I even collect cards for various occasions (funny birthday cards for friends, thank you notes, and blank folding cards for any occasion).  Keep it altogether with a dedicated scissors and your favorite tape (I like double-stick).

Another thing I’ve started doing is buying great little gifts in bulk for those occasions when I want to bring a small token for a hostess or friend.  My favorites include scented candles, a bottle of hand soap or lotion, or an interesting vinegar.

A little preparation goes a long way in terms of saving time and making you look perfectly put together even when you’re busy as can be.





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