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great gift ideas for the home host!

I recently received a catalog from Chef Michael Chiarello’s Napastyle (napastyle.com) line of products for home and entertaining.  Like his shows and recipes on the Food Network, Chef Chiarello’s picks for everything from spice rubs to tabletop items are spot-on stylish and tops in quality.  Check out some of my faves:

I love these venetian style stemless champagne flutes.  I collect mix and match flutes to allow my guests to choose their own “glass personality” – I just organize the mixed glasses and an ice bucket filled with bubbly on a tray near the entrance and let friends and family help themselves.  Different glasses help avoid the “is that my glass?” confusion.

Vintage silverware by the pound—everyone knows I’m into recycling and style and this fabulous ideas marries the two in classic simple stunning tradition.  Estate sales and old hotels and restaurants provide the treasure trove of mix and match silver-plate flatware, all cleaned and polished!  And you can even personalize it.  Sign me up!

Farm country cheese bakers make the perfect hostess gift.  Bring a melty warm brie to your next potluck, and after the guests enjoy your tasty treat, the hostess gets to keep the stylish serveware!  How hot is that?

For more info, visit http://napastyle.com

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