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green your wedding: insider advice for an eco-friendly celebration

Weddings, like all big parties, involve lots of people, food, drinks, and decorations—and lots of potential for waste.  Of course you want your celebration to be festive and bountiful—as it should be—but there are small steps you can take to protect our beautiful planet while still creating your perfect party.  Here are a few ideas and links:

Save trees by printing your invitations on recycled paper, and consider using an electronic invitation for your satellite celebrations.  Also, print just one ceremony program per couple or one or two menus per table.

Use sustainable materials for your décor.  Recycled glass vases are becoming readily available—and affordable—even at mainstream retailers.  Bamboo is a rapidly renewing resource and a great design element for Asian-themed or beach weddings.

Have a 100-mile wedding.  Ask your florist and caterer to use local farmers and resources, and highlight what’s in season on your tables and menus.  Find your local greenmarket here.

Donate leftovers whenever possible.  Ask your caterer and florist if there are any local charities that could benefit from your wedding bounty.

Skip guest favors altogether (in my opinion, they’re overrated).  If you want to give guests something aside from the great party you’ve just hosted, consider planting a tree in their honor.  You can also pack soaps or candies in seeded paper boxes.  After your guests unwrap their goodies, they can plant the paper box in their garden and watch it sprout flowers.  Click here to check out some seeded favor boxes.

Here are a few more fun sites and blogs to check out for more ideas and inspirations…

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I like this pretty book for eco-friendly wedding tips:

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