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an inspirational “to-do” list

I have a really cool friend named Paula Rizzo.  She’s a journalist and TV reporter and she has started a super cool blog that is all about her obsession with making lists.

There is just something so satisfying about crossing off tasks and creating order in what, these days, can be a dizzyingly chaotic world.  So, when she asked me to write a post for her, initially I thought I’d write about what to keep in your Party Pantry, how to start your wedding planning, etc. And those lists are coming! But instead, I chose to focus on a list of inspirations – little things you can do to spark your imagination and creativity and make your life richer, because for me, there is nothing more important.

Check out my Inspirational To-Do List, and check out Paula’s blog for lots more great lists, as she adds more daily. You can even suggest a list!

Why wait? Let’s Celebrate!

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